Friday, August 31, 2007

The Cat Is Out Of the Bag: Ron Paul Is a Top Tier Candidate


The Cat Is Out Of the Bag: Ron Paul Is a Top Tier Candidate

USA Daily Staff
Published 08/31/2007 - 4:25 p.m.

The media monopolies seem to be only fooling themselves; the cat is out of the bag, Ron Paul is a top tier candidate. Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul is a force to be reckoned with within the GOP.

According to the last quarter filings he has more money in the bank than John McCain and sources tell USA Daily that Paul’s next quarter numbers will surpass expectations. Fund raising ability is as much an indicator of a campaign’s popularity as are poll numbers. Whether you agree with Paul or not on the issues, his campaign is serious and has national support despite media censorship.

Paul’s campaign is a coalition of Libertarians, Traditional Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Independents, Anti-war voters, and those opposed to establishing what they perceive as a global tyranny via an unelected world government or precursors like the North American Union. It is even attracting some traditional Liberals opposed to the Iraq war that like his support for the Constitution.

Whether this translates into a majority of voters or not remains to be seen but Paul has demonstrated fund raising ability, organization, and the ability to build a coalition. His volunteers go beyond just the internet. Home made signs and other forms of promotion are popping up all across America in support of Ron Paul. Often with a creativity that reflects the wide range of the type of supporters he attracts.

Paul has bold positions including opposition to income taxes, the Patriot Act, the Iraq war, and the Federal Reserve. His call to abolish the Federal Reserve may play well with voters as the mortgage crises deepens if he can frame the issue to point to the soft money policies of the Federal Reserve as the contributing factor to the crises.

While FCC laws exempt debates from the equal time requirement, the modern notion of fairness in a free society would suggest that broadcast networks provide candidates with equal time during the debates.

The 2008 campaign is different from previous elections. In the past third party candidates have been censored from debates but candidates involved in the actual major party debates were usually given a fairer distribution of time. Major media attempts at manipulating this election are more blatant than in the past

It remains to be seen whether the upcoming Fox News Republican debate will break that trend. With many states moving their primaries up there are likely to be many more debates in various states that are now more involved with the election process which may help media non preferred candidates get the message out.

Paul’s campaign will likely win his home state, delegate rich Texas, one of the many states up for grabs on February 5th. That prospect will likely keep his campaign viable until the Texas primary even if he doesn’t win any of the early primary elections.

Chances are the February 5th election will not have a decisive winner in all 23 states up for grabs.

Tancredo’s campaign is also likely to remain viable until February 5th when his home state of Colorado and other western states are up for grabs where his signature issue of immigration reform will play well as will Paul’s message.

Giuliani’s home state of New York and other states in the north east will also be decided that day. As will Fred Thompson’s home state of Tennessee and Mike Huckabee’s home state of Arkansas.

The unpredictability of having so many states that in the past voted in the primary only when the nominee was already a forgone conclusion, now having a real input and influence over the election, may make this presidential contest a free for all.

There are demographics and regional influences that never really had a chance to participate in the presidential primary election that may turn out to be the king makers.

A look at the primary calendar, competing ideologies, and regional factors, point to a slight chance that the GOP nominee will be decided at the convention.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

After Ron Paul Makes Meteoric Gains, Romney "Borrows" Philosophy

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. On the other hand, it does not show much honesty, integrity, or conviction. The latest test of this principle is to watch “1st tier” presidential candidate Mitt Romney start to emulate the political philosophy of “2nd tier” candidate Ron Paul. Ron Paul has been in favor of small government since he became a Congressman. He has been in Congress for ten terms or twenty years. (Ron Paul is currently listed with 8 to 1 odds of becoming the next US President)

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Message From Ron Paul

August 22, 2007

Not all the media are biased. A local newspaper in New Hampshire reported on an annual GOP bbq in the town of Hollis. It could be called "the Ron Paul show," they said, since the far bigger crowd that usual consisted mostly of our supporters. One volunteer even rented an airplane and flew a wonderful sign around the sky. What great, creative, self-starting people I'm meeting, at every stop, all of them united by a love of America and American freedom.

Politics is usually about division. But this campaign is just the opposite. Not only are our volunteers a bunch of happy warriors, but they also practice the virtues of tolerance and peace, just as they want the nation to do.

The other day, the state chairman of an opposing campaign (not in New Hampshire!), angrily tore a sign out of one of our supporter's hands and trashed it. Different people with different beliefs might have responded differently. But our people, though they'd been standing in the rain all day, applied the Golden Rule. It's because of quiet heroes that I know we can change this country.

A reporter in New Hampshire told me this story about Florida: she had seen the same three supporters working every day passing out our literature, and so decided to interview them. She was startled to discover that one was a Republican, one was a Democrat, and one was an Independent. But I wasn't.

Freedom brings us all together. We can all agree on leaving people alone to plan and live their own lives, rather than trying to force them to obey at the point of a gun, as runaway government does. Instead of clawing at each other via the warfare-welfare state, people under liberty can cooperate in a unity of diversity.

There is no need to use government to threaten others who have different standards, or to be threatened by them. Looking to our Founders, our traditions, and the Constitution, we can build, in peaceful cooperation, a free and prosperous society.

At a talk show in Nashua, New Hampshire, the host asked me about the fair tax. Well, I agree on getting rid of the IRS, I told her, but I want to replace it with nothing, not another tax. But let's not forget the inflation tax, I said.

This was something she had never considered, but after I talked about the depreciation of our dollar by the Federal Reserve, its creation of artificial booms and busts, and its bailouts of the big banks and Wall Street firms, to the detriment of the average person, she loved it. That is another tax, she agreed, a hidden and particularly vicious tax.

They try to tell us that the money issue is boring or irrelevant. In fact, it is the very pith of our social lives, and morally, Constitutionally, and economically, the central bank is a disaster. Thanks to the work of this movement, Americans are starting to understand what has been hidden from them for so long: that we have a right to sound and honest money, not to a dollar debauched for the special interests.

Unconstitutional government has created a war crisis, a financial crisis, a dollar crisis, and a freedom crisis. But we don't have to take it. We don't have to passively accept more dead soldiers, a lower standard of living, rising prices, a national ID, eavesdropping on our emails and phone calls, and all the rest.

We can return to first principles, and build the brightest, most brilliant future any people on earth has ever aspired to. Help me teach this lesson. Help me campaign all over this country, in cooperation with our huge and growing volunteer army. Help me show that change is not only possible, but also essential. Please, make your most generous contribution ( to this campaign for a Constitutional presidency worthy of our people. Invest in freedom: for yourself, for your family, for your future.



Monday, August 20, 2007

Schwarzenegger SPAMMED by Sacramento Ron Paul Meetup Group


I didn't make it to this event, as I was on a satellite mission to LIBERTATIA
but check it out:

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Bon
Date: Aug 20, 2007 9:07 PM

covert operations in the heart of california's capital...thanks to everyone who made this day such a success...i'm sure the residents of our fair city were pleasantly surprised on the morn of our future president's birthday!


Sacramento Supporters for Ron Paul 2008 in the NEWS !

All summer long members of the /
Sacramento Ron Paul Supporters
have been gathering once a week at the state Capitol to campaign.

A couple of weeks ago, I stood on the sidelines (holding a sign on the street) while my husband and two of our new best friends were approached by state senator, Tom McClintock. He was very interested in what our group was up to and stayed to talk for at least 20-30 minutes! He mentioned his experience with our group when he interviewed Ron Paul on the radio [below]!

Punks 4 Ron Paul

I was talking to Jack Blood, via MySpace, recently and he is an old-school West Coast punk from way back and he told me he was going to tell Ron Paul about my MySpace page, the next time he interviewed him.

I don't catch Jack's radio show everyday, but he must have said something, because the other day, when I was researching an article I'm writing entitled, The Spirituality & Cosmetikos of Punk Rock, I Googled the word PUNK and the 5th result down,, has an ad sponsored by the official Ron Paul campaign, with a pic of Ron that says: PUNK ROCK PRESIDENT (!)