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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Has state GOP erred in excluding 'Paulites'?

Jana D. Bogs, Fort Collins
Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sometimes you lose even when you think you won. Such was the case with the recent Colorado Republican congressional district assemblies and state convention, which were clearly biased toward John McCain.

Mitt Romney was brought in to speak for half an hour on behalf of McCain. No one, however, was allowed to speak - for even 5 minutes - on behalf of Ron Paul. (Yes, he still is in the race for president!)

The assemblies and convention should support fair contests between all qualified candidates, but this was clearly not the case. There were slanderous papers placed on delegates' chairs blacklisting Paul supporters by name as individuals who are organizing "to stage an embarrassing public revolt against the party." And a so-called "unity slate" of prospective McCain national delegates was being passed out, against convention rules, on the floor of the convention and under the guise of being "endorsed by all major Republican presidential candidates."

It seems that the "powers that be" are attempting to quash any choice other than the candidate they have pre-selected. Is there no room for debate and hearing of alternative views? Where is our freedom of choice?

The old guard might think they won, but if they have alienated, through a lack of generosity and fairness, a significant contingent who are passionate supporters of Republican principles, they might find themselves with inadequate numbers come November . . . and in the losing position when it counts!

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