Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dennis Kucinich AWOL when it comes to Health Freedom

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Ron Paul Was one of Just 16 Congressmen Who Supported US by Voting No on HR 2900

HR 2900 was shoved down our throats yesterday by a vote of 403-16, illustrating the degree to which Pharma is controlling our Congress of Whores. The 40 minutes of "debate" that was allowed was a joke. The people pushing the bill dominated those 40 minutes with pompous self congratulatory speeches about how this legislation is supposedly the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it will make us less safe from dangerous pharmaceuticals, not more safe. Congressman Paul was not allowed to air our objections.See how your Congressman voted at


Passage of this bill means that once the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA is up and running, which could take a few years, FDA will be able to use their so called "Critical Path Initiative" to fraudulently ban any dietary supplement on a whim based on how it impacts certain biomarkers (which they would fraudulently consider just as they did when they fraudulently approved the diabetes drug Avandia based on a biased assessment of how it impacted biomarkers (when they paid attention to biomarkers indicating how it affects blood sugar while ignoring other biomarkers indicating that it causes a hugely increased incidence of heart attacks.

The Reagan Udall Foundation turns the FDA into a pharmaceutical company which will get patents on and will license its own products. This will give the FDA the biggest incentive they've ever had to attack safe dietary supplements as unwanted competition.

Dennis Kucinich didn't think it was important enough to vote on.
He talks about health care but doesn't support Health Freedom..

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