Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sex Pistols + Ron Paul = anarchy on Leno

Libertarians Johhny Rotten and Ron Paul on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 10/30/7


pt. 1 - Ron Paul

Johhny Rotten gives a shout out to Ron during Anarchy in the U.K....

...and according to Lew Rockwell hails Ron as “President Paul”!

pt. 2 - The Sex Pistols

The Ron Paul Rocker Report informs us that “(Lydon) professed his respect for the Dr. on [the] next night's Craig Ferguson [CBS’ Late Late] show” and Clint Barker via MySpace ( added that Lydon, "made an honorable mention of Ron Paul!!"

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Jef said...

My 2¢:

Rotten actually says "Mr. Paul", not President Paul...
And although Johnny Rotten's endorsement would be cool, it's not good political mortar for his campaign.

As a Lib, I can't stand how Paul refuses to explain the benefits of Libertarianism succinctly. He needs more practice converting Republicans that identify with Lib principles.

I hope he doesn't "Nader" the electorate, inadvertently supporting other candidates.

Bethany Magdalene said...

Actually I linked to two separate sources. Sorry if the seperate links weren't made clear, I'll see if I can fix that. In the second source / quote: Lew Rockwell was present with Paul in the green room where he stated the comment took place - it's not surprising. If you Google John's name w/ the term Libertarian you'll find that he seems to affiliate with that crowd.