Monday, November 12, 2007

RON PAUL: Why People Of Color Should Vote For Him

Ron Paul means just as much (if not more) to Black Americans and People of Color as well as any other American. Consider his views on The War on Drugs, the I.R.S. The war in Iraq, protecting our name a few issues. He is more than likely in favor of what MOST AMERICANS are in favor of than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE.

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Vince Bullinger said...

Great videos. I think the first guy sounds so eloquent and intelligent. Reminds me of Sidney Poitier. And the skin color is just a coincidence, by the way.

Michael said...

This is so true. We all need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and dividing ourselves as a nation. There is no need for a democrat/republican, left/right, red/blue, black/white division in America.

The true division is between up/down that is between the haves and the have nots, between the elite and the people, between the super-rich, super-powerful and the rest of us.

When we the people band together and fight for our individual liberty we fight the establishment, the elite, the fascists or whatever you want to label them.

In a truly free nation these divisions in society become meaningless and the elitists lose their power over the population.