Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Russell Means for Vice-President!!!

I would love to see self-proclaimed "Constitutional Revolutionary," (1) Lakota, Libertarian, Russell Means, on the 2008 Presidential Ticket w/ Ron Paul!!!

While campaigning for the Libertarian Party's Presidential nomination in 1988, Means warned our nation:

"We will prove to every American that America is becoming one big Indian reservation," said Mr. Means, who contends that non-Indians face the same danger of losing their land and their rights that Indians have faced for centuries."

"I challenge every American to make a list of what they feel their individual rights are, and then, item by item, find out how much government is interfering with those rights," he said. "I have been trying to throw off the yoke of government interference in our lives since I joined the American Indian Movement…"

“…The 47-year-old candidate, dressed in a black shirt with fringed sleeves and wearing his hair in braids, said it was natural for an Indian to embrace Libertarian philosophy because it fitted the Indian belief in personal freedom.”(2)

(1) Elon University, February 21, 2002, http://org.elon.edu/pendulum/Issues/2002/022102/News/Speaker.html

(2) New York Times, May 31, 1987

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