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Commentary - May 26, 2007

Memories by Down the Middle

While you were sleeping, “the decider” has struck again by issuing a presidential directive giving himself full powers of authority, in the event of another attack or natural disaster. Since he did such a bang-up job defending the country on 9/11 and rescuing New Orleans from Katrina’s deluge, it only stands to reason that he be given full and total authority for the safety and protection the American people.

Of course, this is not the first piece of governmental pen-to-paper that we’ve seen of this nature, as Congress quietly made their move two years ago. But with the changing tide of emotions running throughout the country and the soon to be voted upon Congress, Mr. Bush has reasoned to trust no one other than himself, with something as important as the death of freedom.

Although this directive is altogether unconstitutional and and completely against the spirit of liberty, most Americans will go about their Memorial weekend, never suspecting such a thing has or could ever occur…and many of those who do take notice will once again, chalk it up to being a necessary evil, as they did with the Patriot Act. In reality, this is one more step toward dictatorship and the martial law it will soon bring. As simple as it seems, all one need do is to look at the history to realize the template.

But as much as you would like to put the sole blame on Bush for such tyrannical behavior…or maybe apportion this guilt, on behalf of this masquerade of a Congress, much of the responsibility is actually yours for allowing this behavior to continue unabated. Yes, a few are writing about these challenges and many more are reading about them, but who is actually “camping out” in front of their representatives’ offices or jamming their phone lines and e-mail addresses.? And who is willing to march among the millions that are needed, for the last chance of wrestling our government away from this un-American leadership?

What a shame to see our liberty go quietly into the night, while our fellow citizens concern themselves with plans of revelry for the Memorial Day weekend. Do they not see the burning of our constitution, deep within the smoke of their holiday pits…and do they not hear the cry of freedom over the roar of their pleasure boats, slicing the polluted waters…and can they not speak through their drunkenness, coherent enough to raise the alarm? And why did they not know that Lady Liberty could be so deaf, dumb and blind?

We celebrate another Memorial Day, to honor the memory of all the brave brethren who have fallen for our freedom. Only now, we must also remember their ideals, which have fallen behind them…for they, too are passed away. And they are passed away, not because those brave had failed in their duty, but because we have failed in ours.

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