Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dr. No is winning ALL major polls

Dr. Paul has WIDE bi-partisan support!!!

Paul wins the MSNBC poll for the first GOP debate (sponsored by MSNBC!) (May 3rd)

Paul wins MSNBC poll for the 2nd GOP debate (May 15)

Paul wins ABC News poll for the 2nd Republican debate

Paul wins ABC News poll for the 1st Republican debate

Paul comes in 2nd in last nights FOX poll for the 2nd debate,2933,272493,00.html

The Fox News people were obviously desperate to prevent Ron winning the poll because they restricted it to text message only [ I didn't get to vote 'cause I don't have a cell phone], no Internet voting, and closed it down declaring Romney the winner after just three hours.

Fox News had an explanation for why Ron Paul did so well in their poll even after the deliberate smear job that constituted their presidential debate - online activists were skewing the numbers. There's only one problem with that claim - the poll was by text message only and no online votes were taken! (Last two paragraphs lifted from Alex' site).

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